Our Mission

Haddenham Arts Centre adds to the quality of life of the people of Cambridgeshire by changing hearts, minds and lives through the active engagement of artistic experience and creation. The team and artists working at Haddenham Arts Centre make this their goal.


Our Vision

Haddenham Arts Centre is a cultural hub that uses the Arts to enrich people’s lives by providing access to high quality art and artistic skills. The founders believe in the transformative nature of art and creativity, which can inspire and improve the quality of life.


Meet The Team

We have a dedicated part-time staff. In addition to our volunteer Directors our Community Interest Company is supported by a committed team of volunteers to help us in the gallery, garden and tea room. Find out more here.

Our Founders

The Art Gallery was set up in 1999 by Alastair and Hazel Hull. Their daughters had successfully completed arts degrees and were in need of studio space.  The Hulls had been running a business for over 30 years importing unusual ethnic artefacts for their well-established warehouse and distributing to other like-minded retailers. The space was there and ready - it just needed an uplift.

Founders GalleryAlastair and Hazel offered space to other up and coming artists as well as their daughters, providing space to create, exhibit and sell their work. The concept of the art gallery and artists' studios was born.

The original idea was to create studios at a very reasonable rate for emerging artists to establish themselves. Because the team here at the gallery is so welcoming and supportive, we still have a couple of our original artists.

The galleries have evolved and matured considerably, becoming well known in the region as reliable sources of interesting and unusual work.

The Creation of Haddenham Arts Centre (CIC)

In 2017 Alastair and Hazel Hull, having worked tirelessly for more than 20 years wanted to create a legacy for the local community and give themselves time for new adventures and travel. Out of this desire Haddenham Arts Centre (HAC) was created as a Community Interest Company. As a result of an open public meeting to discuss the future,  three new Directors came forward, David Gee, Julie Brown and Stuart Findlay, who along with Alastair Hull formed the new Board. Jez Reeve became the first member of HAC and was swiftly joined by a growing team of volunteers.

Our Volunteer Stories



Dee was our first volunteer here at Haddenham Arts Centre.

"I've been here for a year, and I'm still volunteering. I'd moved 400 miles from Devon and didn't know a soul in the village. After two months I realised I needed to get out of the house and meet people!"

"Since starting I've been helping out with displays, cleaning and anything else!"

"I've done 8 art workshops, made some new friends and feel I have something to get up for. They're a very welcoming bunch."

If you'd like to help out at our Community Interest Company we're always looking for new volunteers. Email arts@haddenhamartscentre or call in for chat. We'd love to hear from you.

Caroline Cawley:
Arts Centre Manager

Lydia Eldridge:
Workshops, Gallery & Outreach Co-ordinator

Karen Hendry:
Gallery Assistant

Nickie Fretwell:
Tea Room Supervisor

Alastair & Hazel Hull:
Ethnic Gallery & Gift Shop

Jess Smith:
Gallery Assistant
(Currently on maternity leave)


Community Interest Company (C.I.C) Directors:

David Gee (Chair)
Julie Brown
Stuart Findlay
Alastair Hull

Plus our fantastic team of volunteers!


We Need You

At present we could really do with your help  over weekends by  welcoming and serving customers and other related tasks.