Sculpture Garden & Meadow

Home to frogs, newts, dragonflies as well as larger mammals including foxes, badgers and plenty of mice and voles our beautiful meadow and pond area is a haven for both wildlife and visitors.

It’s a quiet place to enjoy nature in the centre of our busy village. Eat al fresco with delicious food from our tea room (seasonal produce from our garden is used when available) or bring a blanket and picnic on the grass.

We always need volunteers to help with the garden so do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

The sculptures come from around the world, including antique granite Buddhas, couples made from shiny lava stone and metal creations by well know regional makers.

We are in the process of building a 5 metre geodesic dome, come and visit over the next few weeks to see our progress.

Bee Lavender

Uncultivated and unsprayed for over 25 years, next year we will introduce wild meadow flowers as the grasses have taken over recently. Rough areas of nettles, buddleia and brambles are kept for the butterflies.

Check our notice board where we keep a record of birds and wild flowers seen in the Garden.